Chain Link Fencing

Create a private and secure setup for your home or business when you turn to the professionals at Cascade Fence Co Inc. At our company, we perform a series of services with chain link fencing in King County, WA, and surrounding areas. This quality fencing material is a popular and cost-effective option for every type of location. Choose our affordable fencing today for properties of any size.

Chain Link: The Affordable Option

When you own your own home or business, you have enough to spend money on without worrying about your fencing services. Chain link is a common material used by customers throughout the area due to its affordability and appearance—particularly for customers who don’t want to cut off their ability to see around their property. Using this fencing product is an easy way to increase safety at your location without going over budget or completely cutting yourself and your property off from the outside world.

In addition to the affordable cost of chain link fencing, this material offers low maintenance requirements. Galvanized chain link is chemically treated to help it hold up against rust and other damage. You’ll find this fence particularly affordable as it does not cost much to weatherize or repair it.

Speak with our team today to discuss your chain link fence cost options. Our contractors are available to install and repair chain link fencing at properties of every size.

Increasing Curb Appeal with New Fencing

While many homeowners shy away from chain link fencing due to its reputation for being an industrial option, the truth is that this material helps you create a beautiful appearance in your front or backyard. Chain link is available in a variety of colors and styles, and it can be upgraded with wooden posts and other features. No matter what you are looking for, chain link is the perfect choice for you.

Request more on our services for your location today. Chain link fencing is an easy material to work with, and it can be installed without delay. Our contractors work quickly and efficiently to complete your installation to meet your schedule.

Fences That Add Security

Whether you have children or pets, using chain link fencing gives you the freedom to enjoy your yard without safety fears. This fence style is a popular option for many homeowners.


Contact us today to choose privacy with our chain link fence options. We install and repair fences for customers throughout Snohomish and King County, Washington.